Review of My New Website made on

Flashy. But it doesn’t work. I am telling you now, stay away from WIX!!! What a load of crap!!! An E-commerce sight with no inventory control. I sold the same bead twice today. Problem is, there is only 1 of them. I just called WIX. They said there is no inventory management system on WIX right now, but they are working on it. REALLY????? So, what happens when someone buys a product? It stays there until you remove it manually. So, I either babysit the site or close it down. So much for my exciting new web store. I’m leaving the site up, but closing down the shop part. 4 days of migraines and frustration……and a paid premium for an E-Commerce website. Don’t make my mistake!!!!!

2 responses to “Review of My New Website made on

  1. I share your frustration. I too just had a web designer created a flash site through wix for my fashion jewelry and one week away from my launch date which I’ve been promoting. I find out that their is no inventory control, so even if I decide to stay up 24/7 and baby sit the site it doesn’t matter I still wont know that I just sold one Item 3 times though I only have 1 because your not notified until transaction is complete and it’s been 1 year that I see other e commerce owners have been begging wix to add this feature and all u can hear is its coming. Thanks to Wix i cannot go live until this feature is avail if not I will be moving on. NO THANKS TO WIX

  2. That’s awful. I didn’t use a web designer, and if you did, they should have known the product they where using ISN”T E-Commerce. What a joke. I don’t see how anyone running a business stays with them! I’m getting a refund-they can keep their junk after my 12 of the 14 day trial period is up!!!! What a learning experiance.

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