No, I’m not a Vampire! I’m just Anemic!

Ok, so, lately I have been very tired. And I keep thinking I look a bit pale. And I I have been suffering from CRS (can’t remember shit). So I had my labs done last Tuesday and my Doctor called me. He said “You’re the walking dead Leigh Anne. Your iron is a 3.” Normal levels for a woman are between 36 and 75-100. Well, that explains a lot! So, I’m going in Tuesday for an iron infusion. This isn’t my first one, I get them about every 2 years. But this is the lowest my levels have ever been. Last time I was an 11. I think now, though, I have decided to follow through with advice I’ve been given for years and have a little “female”surgery to try and ward this off in the future. For years I have tried to wait, thinking that I will go into menopause and this will take care of itself. I am telling everyone this in the hopes that I can help other people. Low iron/ferritin levels are often over-looked and diagnosed as other things. The major symptoms are fatigue, cold hands/feet, confusion, heart palpitations, pale complexion. Many people are diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrom), or as being depressed and put on high powered anti-depressants. Even when diagnosed correctly, a lot of doctors will just put you on oral iron supplements, which are very hard on your body and can take up to a year to bring your levels to a normal place. If you think you may be anemic, get a blood panel done. And if you are, insist on seeing a Hematologist, and having an IV Infusion. They’re not fun, it’s an all day process hooked up to a bag, but they work. Women are particularly susceptible to being anemic, as well as vegetarians. It’s overlooked so often, when in my opinion, it should be the first thing considered. So, by this time next weekend, I will be feeling like a new person!!! And when that happens, my resolve to have a partial hysterectomy usually goes away and I’ll say “Ok, I’ll just wait, I’ll go into menopause eventually and it will take care of itself”, lol. Hmmm, we’ll see.

One response to “No, I’m not a Vampire! I’m just Anemic!

  1. I just found out I was slightly anemic too and now know why I’ve also been feeling “so tired” all the time. The Dr. didn’t mention anything like what you are going to have, so I guess I’m borderline. My other Doc has been giving me b-12 and I think this has helped. Feel better soon. Keep blogging and I need more infor on the sub react people.

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