Happy 4th of July Week!

Hey There!  First, I gotta tell ya, I feel so much better!  It’s amazing what a little Iron in your blood can do for you, lol!  And I’m gonna be a good girl and follow up on the issue.  I have an MRI scheduled this week, and I’ll see what the Doc’s have to say about the “situation” after that.  I’m sure glad I had the iron infusion, ‘cuz last week would have killed me without it!!!  Between the grooming and the beads, it has been crazy!!!  Ya’ll wiped my Etsy shop OUT!!!!!!  Crazy bead fiends, lol.  You know who you are……   And, I did a few private bead parties, so I have been cleaned out.  I want to put it out there that I’m gonna have a sale very soon.  A great big silver bead clearance.  And I do mean clearance.  It’s time to make way for new inventory.  I got some gorgeous Sterling and 18k beads in.  And they are affordable, btw!!!  And the 18k is real, not plated on there.  There isn’t a lot, just accents, but it’s real gold and will be a part of the bead forever.  I have always wondered why anyone would plate a dot????  Really???  So, there won’t be a lot of listings going up this week, I’m doing inventory and getting ready for the sale.  And today I’m going to the beach, woo hoo!!!!  I hope everyone has  a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!!!

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