It’s No Coincidence

I’m being stalked.  I did a little experiment this morning, and I can no longer attribute some things to “chance” or “coincidence”.  Anyway, I am tired of the BS.  I have researched this extensively, and some advice says to ignore it, and some say to expose it. And over the past few months, I have tried a little of both. First, I want to thank my peeps on the forum this morning for helping me with my “experiment”.  To clarify this, for those who weren’t involved,  “A cyber stalker may choose to live vicariously through the victim by stealing content, parroting actions, or mimicking behaviors.”   Let me tell you, publicly, that I feel sorry for you.  I have tried to be nice, and at one time, I tried really hard to help you, in any way I could. My patience and the last shred of my kindness vanished this morning.  There is not much I can do about your behavior, because it’s not threatening, just annoying.  And being that you live in a different country, it’s difficult to pursue legal action. I feel as though the only option I have left is to be endlessly annoyed.      OR    Unleash the Jackass!  So, while you are stalking my listings and playing your games, please know that I am learning as much as possible about German laws.  Tax laws in particular.  I have learned lots about VAT,  Trade tax, etc.  Very interesting stuff.  For me, I’m done playing games.  I will no do silly things to retaliate, and I will no longer ignore your harassment, I will put my attention in a direction that will have the most effect. 


One response to “It’s No Coincidence

  1. Marsha Hostetler

    I am sorry you are being harassed that just bites! I hope you are able to stop it, I wish I had some thing that would help you.

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