Hello, it’s me again!

Well, I guess an explanation of my MIA status is in order.  To try and reconnect after 16 months of silence without one seems a bit snotty and high handed, in my opinion.  So … here it is.   Life, frustration, burnout. Type A personality, that had taken on way too much.   At the height of my stress in leaving Etsy, trying to build yet another new web site, juggling dogs, beads and being a wife and parent, my daughter looked at me and said  “Take a break, just be my Mom.”  What a gift that invitation was. We were still running the gauntlet of teen terror years. It dawned on me, it’s now or never, because she was in 10th grade and well, time flies.  Soon, she would be on her way to college and I would never get that opportunity again.  There comes a time when you realize a subtle change in your child. The thinly veiled contempt of a teen dissolves back into the sweet, comfortable love of a child, but so much stronger, because she is no longer a child, she is becoming a young adult. Now, she is in the final months of her senior year, done with SAT’s, and been accepted to her college of choice. You can only guide a child, they ultimately make their own choices.  It’s the character of the child that determines their choices.  I am so proud of her, of the wonderful person I have had the privilege of watching develop. I am forever grateful to her for the gift, the most precious gift, to “just” be her Mom!                                                   My grooming business has been seriously thinned, both by choice, and finally by nature.  I had quite a few clients that I just couldn’t let go, because of love and loyalty, and the behavior or age of the dog, I would not consider sending them away.  I was really torn between two careers, both of which required my physical and mental presence, and it was extremely hard.  And the decision to move on from a successful business, that I built from the ground up has been torture. The early years of worry were long gone. Being able to open my “black book” and see solid bookings for months to come, regular clients of years and years, that’s a very stable and reliable income.  More than that, it was relationships, built on love and trust, with dogs and people. It was my sense of self, my identity.  It wasn’t easy to let go.                                                              I also needed time to spend with my best friend, my Jax. And I did. Lot’s and lot’s of time I will always cherish.  After 13 years, he let me know, whenever I could muster the strength, courage and grace, he was ready, for the first time in his life, to go somewhere without me.   I was selfish for longer than I should have been, and I know he would have stayed, for much longer, no matter how hard it was, how tired he was, he would have stayed, because he loved me, above all.  I cannot put into words the bond we shared, and so I won’t even try.  He is free from the shell that burdened him.  We both are. I am devastated without his physical presence.  But he’s still here, right by my side, and always will be. Ok, waay tooo heavy.  Enough of the drama.  On the light and bright, I made good use of time with great stuff as well.  I have been practicing yoga and vinyasa on the average of 5 days a week for over a year.  Hot yoga, actually.  Love, love, love it.  I am genetically endowed with flexibility, so I have an unfair advantage, lol.  I also started surfing again last summer.  I bought a long board.  Ok, fact: I am too lazy to paddle a long board, or any board, as much as needed for the virtually non-existent waves in Va Beach.  Cain’t do it.  So, I sold said board and tried Stand Up Paddleboarding.  LOVE it, I’m hooked.  I terrified my big ol’ husband in a kayak, that was delightful.  I would have never imagined a former Navy man would be so uncomfortable, lol.  He said the boat was too small…..  I’m thinking the Ocean was so big and maybe the circling fins?  I’m positive those were dolphins…….                                                          Oh yeah, and about the glass.  I really love it, and I will be ready to get back to business soon.  Spring is coming and bright colors and florals are calling me…..

7 responses to “Hello, it’s me again!

  1. I can’t tell you how good it is to hear from you, Leigh Anne! So many of us had been worried about you and hoping that you were OK. Thank you so much for this post and letting all of your “glass” friends know you are still here and will be among us again! Welcome back! We look forward to seeing your lovely new creations!!

  2. WELCOME BACK! Sometimes life just says HEY!! ENJOY ME! And you listened =) WTG U!

  3. So glad you are ok and so many have missed your wonderful creations BUT we all need that time out.
    We sometimes easily forget how to prioritise and I know too easily how you can get into that rut and it’s hard to say no !!
    It sounds like you did the right thing and we all need to remember to out ourselves first sometimes.
    I look forwward to seeing what beauties you come up with as I love your work ……I cherish the ones you made me and wear them often.
    Take care and hopefully will be in touch soon
    Deborah Taylor (FB) x x x x x ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. So glad everything is OK with you and it sounds like better than ever! 🙂 Also, glad to hear that you might be going behind the torch again, but even if you don’t, just nice to “see” you around again! 🙂

  5. we all need time out so glad your ok what dosent break us makes us stronger aww i know that one sending love and light xxxx

  6. Welcome back! So sorry to hear about Jax. Such a great dog!!! I can’t believe it’s nearly graduation time already! I’m glad to hear you’ve found some new loves along your journey.

  7. So sorry to hear about Jax….breaks my heart!! Glad you had an awesome break….but glad to see you back as well!

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