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Free At Last, Free at Last!!!

Good Bye GoDaddy and kiss my ***!!!  Great News!  I am FREE from Go-Daddy!!!   Argh-argh!  Some people may know that my dot com was originally registered with GoDaddy.  Actually, my struggle to free myself is what started my blog.  Well, renewal time came around again, and I am not one to suffer in silence.  So, since I was forced to visit the website, I made my rounds of all the forums, etc flaming about how much I dislike being a hostage, prompting people to visit to make an informed decision, etc.  My usual verbal diarrhea when I’m unhappy about something.  I figure if I’m forced to deal with them, they are forced to deal with me.  Well, it paid off.  About 15 minutes after leaving an exceptionally ugly post on Bob Parson’s personal blog, my phone rang.  Yes, my PHONE, lol.  It was Mathew from “The President’s Office” of GoDaddy asking what he could do to remedy the situation.  RELEASE my Domain.  OK, let me walk you through it.  REALLY????  He actually stayed on the phone with me until my domain transfer was complete.  Seriously, how cool is that??? Ok, for those that don’t know, a transfer usually takes 5 or 6 days IF you weren’t sucked in with the Hostage program, Domains By Proxy, which means you really could be stuck forever.  GoDaddy is the largest register BECAUSE of this “captive” program, you are basically a hostage.   This is proof positive to stand up for yourselves and do not accept mistreatment quietly!   When I left that blog post, I felt that the only accomplishment would be to feel really good about publicly spewing my feelings about that company.   But it paid off!  What a great ending to a great year!


Almost There…

2 more dogs, 2 more dogs, 2 more dogs…Lord, give me the strength to leave the house this morning and do these last 2 dogs.  Don’t wanna…boo-hoo.    Actually, I’m in good shape.  To be 3 days away from Christmas and have packed ’em all in and only have 2 left, I’m proud of myself.  (And NO, DO NOT Call me, I will not answer, I’m DONE, lol)  My own Fur babies are even done, HA!  They are fresh and frisky and ready for Santa.  Now that is really saying something.  The love of my life, my American Bulldog, Jax (AKA  Vanguard’s General Stonewall Jackson III)  and his Standard Poodle, Paris Hilton, (AKA Miss P) are usually the last dogs in the tub on Christmas Eve.  I still haven’t done my baking.  And I am not too sure I will.  I really just want to wake up and torch, completely free, no pressure, just play.  I really want to make those damn encased florals with stamen, a la Corina’s tutorial, but I am still intimidated.  Maybe soon.  I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and I if your not, no worries!  It’s like a bus, it will be back like clockwork in 368 days, no big deal, lol!!!

Last Craft Show This Season!

Saturday, December 10th at Redmill Elementary in Va Beach… WoooHooo!!!!

Wow, this has been a busy couple of weeks for me!  So busy I forgot to write appointments down in my book and have had fur-babies coming out of the woodwork, lol.  For some reason, my clients love me and put up with a lot.  Thank Goodness!  Actually, I know it’s because they know I love their babies like they are my own AND do an excellent job, but still… I am so blessed to have such awesome customers.  When I started the glass, everyone was so worried I was going to close the grooming business.  Not a chance!  I do love my fuzzy clients like they are my own and couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing them on a regular basis.  But on to the glass… I learned an amazing new technique from a tutorial I purchased from Sherry Bellamy!!!!  So much fun- it’s called Chaos and it’s very neat.  I also purchased Corina’s Daffodil tutorial, but haven’t had time to sit down and get started working on it.  I am very excited to expand my floral skills.  Stamen, here I come!!!  Next week…..

Tomorrow I will be at Redmill, with my partners in crime Danielle from Bent & Twisted and Kathy from Katie G Designs.  The 3 Musketeers of the Craft Show Circuit ride again.  We have so much fun when we are together.  One minute it’s 9:30 and then it’s 3am and we’re like “Oh My, seriously????”  Time to go!  It’s absolutely so wonderful to have friends that are so talented and creative and our time together just flies!  It will be so nice when my Conny comes from Germany in February and she can be a part of it!!!  She’s coring her beads now!  I sent her a bead liner and we video chatted while I showed her how to core a bead.  Technology is so wonderful sometimes!!!!  I carried the laptop all around the house and showed her the Christmas decorations and her bedroom that’s still waiting for her just like she left it!!!!  And her torch that’s stashed under the table in the studio!!!   O crap, I’m actually cooking dinner and I think it’s getting toasted(burnt, lol)  Gotta go!

Dogs, Turkeys, Trees and Glass…..

Oh My!!!  I have been soooooo freakin’ busy… with Dogs(Grooming Business), Thanksgiving(had a house full, 12 people), decorating for Christmas and trying to keep up with custom glass orders.  AND, on top of it, I decided to start power walking again and using my inversion rack again.  Geez, it took an act of God to just get up on that thing again.  I opted for the doorway model.  Yep, the one you strap boots on yourself and then somehow hook the boots to a bar above the door frame.  Not the easiest thing to accomplish for me, that’s for sure!  But it really feels so nice to swing upside down after you get up there.  And it’s the best for no stress on the back sit-ups/crunches.  Right now, all it is is painfull.  Anyhoo, 2 more shows this year.  December 3rd at Kempsville Elementary and December 10th at Redmill.  See ya there!