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OMG-Am I Getting…….Older?

Wow, I feel like I need to play like a bear and hibernate for a month.  I have gotten maybe 3 hrs of sleep a night last week and I’m not ready for Santa. I single- handedly groomed 26 dogs last week, Oh and let me stick in there, in only 4 days because Wednesday Craig and I drove 2 groupie teens to Greensboro NC (5 hrs each way) to see a concert that my daughter couldn’t live without seeing.  Really, she said she might perish.  Same group I got conned into going to DC for, and Richmond….twice.  The second Richmond trip was really a lesson, I listened to my child when she said it was an outdoor “festival” concert and we had to get there at 1 pm.  She’s a smart thing, The Maine(the object of her obsession) didn’t go on stage until 9pm.  Yep, that was an extra 8 hrs of watching hordes of pre-pubescent teenage girls whine and moan in anticipation of these cute little guys.  I guess it’s infecting me.  They have a song out called “Girls Do What They Want”  and in honor of all the mothers of their adoring fans, (Smart, they know who has the money, lol) made a button (this is known as Merch, BTW, C’mon, get with it) that proclaims “Moms Do What They Want”.  Well, I own that button and now it’s signed by Pat, the absolutely hot little drummer guy.  Ok, I’m not a perv, he’s legal, he’s probably 24 or so…….

Ok, see, lack of rest will make you crazy.  I did get a chance to read my new Daffodil tutorial on the way there.  Hmmmm…. I think I need a class.  I am going to give it my best shot but I’m not feeling too optimistic.  That looks crazy hard.  But then again, that’s what I used to think about encasing.  And as we all know, I would now encase a turd, everything needs a nice layer of clear on it!!!!!

The Etsy shop has been really busy, and I want to thank everyone for such wonderful support!  I got in a new shipment of really great silver this week that I will be posting as soon as I can.  Last year, I was actually busier after Christmas, so I am planning on taking some time next week to make some fresh and wonderful new glass to add and I am going to continue the Holiday sale until after the first of the year.  For my Facebook Fans and Blog readers, the code SAVE20 will still work, it’s good for 20% off of everything in the shop.  I am going to change the announcement to a 15% sale for the general public, but just use SAVE20, and it will work as well!!!!!