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Free Beads!!!!

Become a Fan on Facebook! Visit my page at  and like it to be entered in The Bead of the Month drawing. Starting August 1st, I will post  the  August’s Bead picture, and at the end of the month, a winner will be drawn from all of my facebook fans. I will then ship the bead….FREE! Who doesn’t love Free Beads????

July 24th Time for an update!

Why do I always forget this blog is here???  Well, lot’s of new things going on….  I took a class with Corina Tettinger at the end of June in North Carolina.  She is fabulous!  I absolutely adored meeting her and I really learned a lot.  She is a super sweet person, not to mention an amazingly talented glass artist.  Thanks to her, my frogs finally look like frogs!!  I have started making large capped focal beads, mostly florals.  Those really were the push I needed to finally decide to fully line my beads with silver tubing.  That and some rather crappy comments by other bead makers on Etsy in their description about “cheap rivets”.  My goal has always been to keep my prices low and my glass affordable.  I personally don’t wear silver in my troll beads, I don’t see the point, because you don’t see the silver.  It’s just a way to drive the price up and to me, totally unnecessary.  However,  when I see VERY mediocre glass beads held as superior because of coring, well….time to get on the boat.  I mean really, some of these people would silver line a turd I suppose.  They sure line some ugly beads, that’s for sure.  So, I have put all of my riveted glass on sale to make way for my new, fully silver cored, by hand, glass beads.  And I really have to say, I have some amazing customers!  You guys are the best!  I worry about alienating people with the price increase I’m going to have to take, but I think I will solve that by having preferred customer coupon codes available.  If you have ordered from me in the past, and you haven’t gotten a coupon code by the 1st of September, contact me, and I will give you a code!!!  The current sale runs through the 30th of July and my new beads should be up starting the 1st of August.