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Going to Germany!

Geez, I always forget I even have a blog, hence the very infrequent posting.  But thanks to be clued in on some very news worthy info***please read post below on PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY ON ETSY***  I figured since I’m here, I’ll update :).  My Etsy shop will be closed from March 26th – April 15th.  I am off to Germany!!!  Glass related, of course!  I will hopefully come home with lot’s of new skills and inspiration!


  1. Hi Leigh,

    What do you think of Etsy making all buyer and seller profiles public and searchable, including buyer history?

    – L :)

  2. Thank You for the link!!!! I am editing every single one of my listings to include this link and all future will also have it. Etsy sucks, plain and simple. They use the term ” Handmade and Artisan Goods” to lure the public, but have no integrity about the site. They literally subsist by riding on the backs of honest crafts people, all the while forcing us to compete with cheap mass produced crap made in sweat shops in foreign countries.  I  despise Etsy for their lack of integrity, but will continue to use their site to market my HONESTLY HANDMADE glass until they throw me off their site for continually voicing my opinion!  I am appalled, but not surprised to discover this blatant disrespect for all users of Etsy, Buyers and Sellers.

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