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Great Show!

Wow! Saturday was really a nice surprise!!! If these shows were around all year, I wouldn’t be able to sell on-line, I couldn’t keep up!!! So, right now I am working on several custom orders and stock in general for next weekend. And I have a full dog week. My goodness. Thank you to everyone who came out to see me and to all the new friends I made!

November 5th-Atlantic Shores!!!

Saturday, November 5th The Glass Attic and all it’s Treasures will be at The Life Center of Atlantic Shores  on the corner of Kempsville and Centerville Turnpike in Chesapeake.  I will be with Dani from Bent-N-Twisted and K, whose identity I will not publish as to not sully her by association(Luv ya girl, ya knows yer a deviant at heart, and ya love me cuz I’m loud and proud) We have become the 3 Musketeers of the Craft Show circuit  in Hampton Roads!!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!   Lord knows it’s been a busy week!  I’m happy to put down my grooming scissors, this week has been hairy.  Only got to torch once, but my mojo was on, so it was very productive, good frogs and lizards were born.  Made an awesome crow, but after the trip thru the kiln I discovered him slightly disabled, boo-hoo.  And of course, the florals flowed.  I do love me some encased florals.  One day, when I grow up to be a really good glass artist, I want to be thought of for my super huge, multi-layered, flawlessly encased,  ginormous, how the hell did she make that floral beads.  Come back in 20 years please 🙂

And that sounds like a damn paper weight, I think I need a furnace!!!!


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for your mail and off Etsy orders, lol! I will never stop being amazed and thankful that people seem to really love and enjoy something I create. And No, HELL no, I will not give up, go away or be bullied. That is just not in my DNA. Sometimes it takes me a bit to get things done, I have to split my time between my grooming business and the glass. And, right now, I’m doing Holiday Craft Shows. And, I have a 14 year old who keeps me super busy. If I ever feel like packing it in, she doesn’t let me! For someone so young, she has an amazing sense of what’s right and what’s not, and she always motivates me to keep mouthing off and take a stand. And, really, that may be where most of the drama comes from, lol. I am sure that this entire situation has stemmed from some entity that I have annoyed. Oh well, “hater’s make me famous”, lol. It has given me the opportunity to learn quite a bit about law and what I can and can’t do and what corporations must do. For example: the owner of a trademark has to show due diligence in protecting said mark. If you browse the internet, Pandora espouses  how they will do this, but make it very difficult to find a way to send them information to turn in violators. Why? That would cost too much money to have all of the millions followed up on. Instead, they joined an organization, React, that charges a flat members fee. And said organization is not run very well, I might add. Very shoddy and very unprofessional. They sent me the “Power of Attorney” document in it’s original, fill in the blank format, lol. As in, insert document number here, etc, etc. Sad, but true. And as difficult as they are to find, since they found me, I have great contacts for them, and have forwarded over 300 links to “infringing” items. Now, if they don’t follow up, that’s not due diligence, is it?
Ok, anyway, on the glass! I know you guys love the frogs, and I made some, but, poof! they sold. I will hit the torch tonight and create some critters! And I have neglected Facebook. It’;s time to do The Bead of The Month. I’m on it, doggone it. And no, I will never go away. If I get shut down, I will Evolve. (K, I know you HATE that word, sorry, lol) But I own the dot com! It’s always an alternative!


Well, let’s see if Pandora is really interested in protecting their brand or singling out glass artist for discrimination. So far, I have contacted, Stephanie Fox, both in the legal department of Pandora. I have also contacted Bjorn Grootswagers,, by phone and e-mail and the wonderful woman who said I was infringing on Pandora, Slavika Dimovska, both by phone and e-mail. I have even gone so far as to contact Allan Leighton, Chairman of Pandora at his On Leadership website. Google is an amazing thing. I have learned all about Trademarks, IP(intellectual property) and something called Fair Use. Do a google search on Pandora, and it has really become a generic term. They really have no desire to protect their name, or their stockholders, and it’s obvious. They are are, however, ready and willing to waste resources on me, a glass artist whose beads in no way look like anything they have created in Thailand. Strange and unusual practice. I am starting to think it’s a racial thing, or maybe because I’m handicapped, or a minority or because I’m gay? Or my beads are so amazing they are afraid I might out sell them? Use the list above and ask them for yourselves.