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Thank Goodness for Maltese Fur-Babies!!!!

I got this on Friday:
Etsy received a notice from Slavica Dimovska ( on
behalf of The PANDORA Company, who is a member of SNB-REACT. SNB-REACT actively
fights counterfeit business on behalf of its members. The notice said that
certain material on Etsy “contains unlawful comparison to trademark owner’s
brand name.” According to the notice, certain material on Etsy is not authorized
by the trademark owner, The PANDORA Company.
I contacted this “person” and received a reply stating that any listing using the term Pandora, Pandora Style, fits Pandora, for Pandora, 4 Pandora, etc etc is an infringement, and they are working to remove all 18,200 listings on Etsy that are in violation.
I was also told by Etsy that I was not to speak of this confidential matter to anyone.
Well, thank goodness I groom a small pack of Maltese for a very prominent attorney who was more than willing to speak with me regarding this matter.
That being said, I have been informed of my rights to share fully my knowledge and experience regarding this situation and have chosen to do so.
I was advised that using the term “Pandora” in the title of a listing can be considered an infringement, HOWEVER, as much as this company would like to claim otherwise, saying a bead will fit or is compatible with a trademarked product(ie, Pandora) in the DESCRIPTION is NOT a violation. He also noted it would be best to clearly state that your products are not in anyway affiliated with any brand you may mention. He noted the fact that many products on the market today MUST mention their compatibility with other products to be viable in the marketplace, he used aftermarket auto-parts as an example(he’s a man, lol), as well as computer programs.
The humor in this is that Pandora is the ORIGINAL Copy Cat Company, really. Troll brought this interchangeable concept to market in the 70’s, and the first knock off was……Pandora, lol. They were even forced to remove advertising in the 90’s that stated they were the “Original” changeable bead bracelet designer. I suppose in a way I can understand their plight. They are the most “knocked-off” company out there. BUT, when you take your company to Thailand and have them mass produce your products, well……..
Oh, one other funny that particularly pertains to glass beadmakers: In language on one of their sites they say they are vehemently protecting their copyrighted “intricate designs in glass”. Boy, china’s in trouble now!!!! But really, right now I’m wondering about discrimination.  If you use the term Pandora in the search bar on Etsy, you will get back over 18,000 results.  And that no longer includes any of mine.  It will be interesting to see if any of those other listings are made to change their wording.  I would hate to think I am being singled out and discriminated against.  I wonder how many times I would have to groom those Maltese in exchange for help with a lawsuit?

Busy Beaver

Ok, are beavers really busy???  Well, anyway, I have been very busy and it looks as though that will continue!  I went to D.C. last weekend to take my daughter to a concert.  I think she’s looking for a groupie award or something. Lot’s of shows coming up!  If you’re local, please come check them out!!!  Here’s the schedule:

October 29th-Grassfield High in Chesapeake

November 5th- Atlantic Shores in Chesapeake

November 12th- Prince of Peace in Chesapeake

December 10th- Redmill Elementary in Va. Beach

Danielle from Bent-N-Twisted and Kathy from Katie Gee Designs and I are gonna have a great time and have lot’s of goodies!  Come get your Holiday Shopping on!!!!

Indian River Show

Wow!  That was a blast!  Danielle and I had sooo much fun!  Unfortunately, as usual, I got almost no sleep the night before and had on my crack-head face. Darn it.  By Noon I was delirious, lol.  That’s ok, it was great, and now that the first show of the season is over, everything’s ready for more!  We got invited to several upcoming events and we need to sync our calenders and I will update my blog with where we’ll be.  Ok, HAVE to set the record straight- YES I MAKE THE GLASS.  I think most people are so accustomed to mass-produced imports that they don’t realize that people actually can make glass beads by hand.  Plus, from what I was told, there is some woman at the local shows selling cheesy chinese pandora beads and telling folks she makes them.  Shame on her.  Ask her to make you something, lol.  And don’t forget, you guys can ask me to make you something!  I had lot’s of requests and got lot’s of ideas yesterday!  Next show I will have a larger stock of Halloween beads and Frogs!  Ok, I’m off to wash my dogs.  I have neglected my own Fur babies for too long.  My Standard Poodle looks like a Bear, instead of a Diva!