Paws 4 FiXiT

“The mission of FiXiT Foundation is to end overpopulation of companion animals by developing a system to support and promote incentive-based spay/neuter programs and produce solutions to bring spay/neuter to everyone.”

I am happy to support FiXiT by donating $5 from every sale  of  “Paws 2  FiXiT” products.   Millions of dogs, cats, kittens and puppies are killed in shelters every year because of overpopulation.  Supporting a shelter is great, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

1/24/12    Thank you Kristin in New Hampshire!!!!

                 1/28/12      Thank You Linda in Pennsylvania!!!!

January 2012  $10

2/14/12  Thank You Cortland Kalanavich!!!

February 2012  $5

4/11/12    Thank You Carol Pluta!!

4/16/12   Thank You Juliet Yantz!!!

April 2012  $10

5/5/12   Thank You Brandi McClure!!!

5/7/12   Thank You Abigail Sedlacek!!!

5/15/12   Thank You Abigail Cohen!!!

5/16/12   Thank You Chris Haab!!!

5/17/12   Thank You Candice Dunlap!!!

May 2012  $25

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