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The time has come …

To make a change.   Etsy’s new policies and their “definition” of “Handmade” has stripped them of all integrity.  I have rarely been proud to sell on Etsy, but now I would be ashamed to be associated with them.  That’s big, if I can be shamed by association, because believe me, it takes a lot to make me blink. All in all, it was great.  I opened my shop June 2010, and as of today, made 3518 sales, in a tad over 3 years. I managed to stay high in the relevancy rankings, despite the constant battle of mass produced beads being listed by the 100’s per day.  So, I feel as though I came, conquered, and left with my self-respect.  I expect Etsy to close my shop at any time now, because I have openly stated my feelings on their new policy in my shop announcement and the Etsy Speech Nazi’s will not allow that for long.  This wasn’t a decision I took lightly.  I am very much aware that they are the largest (FRAUDULENTLY MARKETED) “Handmade” market out there.  But that’s just it, they are now, openly, a fraud.  And they have openly, publicly, spit in and slapped the face of every single one of us out there, the artists, crafters, tiny small business owners that drew in their huge number of captive, registered buyers.  Honestly, I almost decided to ignore it, and just play the game.  They are already so flooded with mass-produced, machine made junk, I don’t think I would notice more.  And my customers are smart enough to know the difference between quality, unique items and dime store trash.  Ah, but I didn’t sign up to sell next to all that trash.  Like real estate, your property value is greatly influenced by your neighbors.  So, I have decided to leave.  I have too much respect for my customers, my creations and my self to stay and be happy.

I am currently working on opening a web store.  I have tried a few pages on Facebook, tried a few other sites like Zibbet, etc.  But I have yet to find one that works for me or gives the customer experience that I want you all to have.  I do not want anyone to have to sign-up or register somewhere to buy from me.  Nip that game in the bud from the get go!  Basically, the easy methods are out, because they just don’t offer what I am looking for, and I will no longer settle.  So……..  it may take a bit, but I will soon have my own little spot to share my beads and jewelry with you.  Happy Dance!!!