Guess What I Did????

I drove to Florida last week and got a new baby!!   I know, I know, I am supposed to be making some beads and opening my shop.  My heart was broken from losing Jax and I had to do it.  His name is Sylas, he will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and he is an American Bulldog, just like Jax.  Ok, so, needless to say, puppies take a lot of time and work.  Which is why I have decided to take the path of least resistance and just re-open my Etsy store.  I had been planning on something else, a new site, all new photo’s of some of my stock silver, etc….. but that could take a long, long time and I really am excited to just get back to making some glass!  So, in an effort to get things going, I am going to take the path that will let me focus on baby Sylas and get back to making and listings beads in the quickest, easiest way possible.  I hope everyone will forgive the same ol’ photos of silver, etc.  Maybe I will re-photo them a few at a time one day, lol.  But for now, they will do.  I am planning a re-opening sale for next weekend, and I’ll be listing  a few things each day this week.  I already have a long, long list of requests and custom orders that I’m working on, be patient please, and I will be ready to take more soon!

Baby Sylas

Baby Sylas

Hello, it’s me again!

Well, I guess an explanation of my MIA status is in order.  To try and reconnect after 16 months of silence without one seems a bit snotty and high handed, in my opinion.  So … here it is.   Life, frustration, burnout. Type A personality, that had taken on way too much.   At the height of my stress in leaving Etsy, trying to build yet another new web site, juggling dogs, beads and being a wife and parent, my daughter looked at me and said  “Take a break, just be my Mom.”  What a gift that invitation was. We were still running the gauntlet of teen terror years. It dawned on me, it’s now or never, because she was in 10th grade and well, time flies.  Soon, she would be on her way to college and I would never get that opportunity again.  There comes a time when you realize a subtle change in your child. The thinly veiled contempt of a teen dissolves back into the sweet, comfortable love of a child, but so much stronger, because she is no longer a child, she is becoming a young adult. Now, she is in the final months of her senior year, done with SAT’s, and been accepted to her college of choice. You can only guide a child, they ultimately make their own choices.  It’s the character of the child that determines their choices.  I am so proud of her, of the wonderful person I have had the privilege of watching develop. I am forever grateful to her for the gift, the most precious gift, to “just” be her Mom!                                                   My grooming business has been seriously thinned, both by choice, and finally by nature.  I had quite a few clients that I just couldn’t let go, because of love and loyalty, and the behavior or age of the dog, I would not consider sending them away.  I was really torn between two careers, both of which required my physical and mental presence, and it was extremely hard.  And the decision to move on from a successful business, that I built from the ground up has been torture. The early years of worry were long gone. Being able to open my “black book” and see solid bookings for months to come, regular clients of years and years, that’s a very stable and reliable income.  More than that, it was relationships, built on love and trust, with dogs and people. It was my sense of self, my identity.  It wasn’t easy to let go.                                                              I also needed time to spend with my best friend, my Jax. And I did. Lot’s and lot’s of time I will always cherish.  After 13 years, he let me know, whenever I could muster the strength, courage and grace, he was ready, for the first time in his life, to go somewhere without me.   I was selfish for longer than I should have been, and I know he would have stayed, for much longer, no matter how hard it was, how tired he was, he would have stayed, because he loved me, above all.  I cannot put into words the bond we shared, and so I won’t even try.  He is free from the shell that burdened him.  We both are. I am devastated without his physical presence.  But he’s still here, right by my side, and always will be. Ok, waay tooo heavy.  Enough of the drama.  On the light and bright, I made good use of time with great stuff as well.  I have been practicing yoga and vinyasa on the average of 5 days a week for over a year.  Hot yoga, actually.  Love, love, love it.  I am genetically endowed with flexibility, so I have an unfair advantage, lol.  I also started surfing again last summer.  I bought a long board.  Ok, fact: I am too lazy to paddle a long board, or any board, as much as needed for the virtually non-existent waves in Va Beach.  Cain’t do it.  So, I sold said board and tried Stand Up Paddleboarding.  LOVE it, I’m hooked.  I terrified my big ol’ husband in a kayak, that was delightful.  I would have never imagined a former Navy man would be so uncomfortable, lol.  He said the boat was too small…..  I’m thinking the Ocean was so big and maybe the circling fins?  I’m positive those were dolphins…….                                                          Oh yeah, and about the glass.  I really love it, and I will be ready to get back to business soon.  Spring is coming and bright colors and florals are calling me…..

Looking Good!!

  Ok, I am trying not to get too excited.  I do recall the Wix debacle, lol.  BUT.  I think/hope  my new site will launch and be pretty nice.  I spent…  are you ready….  14 hrs in my chair working it over yesterday.  Thankfully, I went to the gym and did an hour on the treadmill first, sweated like a pig.  A dear friend once told me that one should think of sweat like “fat crying tears of pain as it leaves your thighs”,lol.  My fat was crying.  Good news, I logged on and nothing had magically vanished from yesterday, BWAHAHA.    So, I’m off to the gym to clear my head and back to working on the site.  My biggest disappointment is my idea for “loyalty points”  aka Bead Bucks, just doesn’t want to work within my guidelines.  I REFUSE to have any of my guests be forced to join or sign up for anything.  Obviously, in order to use a system like that, one would need to join to participate.  BUT on my site it MUST be optional.  So far, all the apps won’t work unless I force an “account” at checkout.  BUT, I now accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.

Lot’s to do still.  I have to have my domain re-directed, and all of my sub domains.  I know….  overkill, but my experience with HoDaddy scared me so bad one day I went and bought the, .biz, .info, .us, and .org  because when I tried to buy the .net it was available for $9.99, then poof gone from my cart and 2 days later up for sale for $500.  Screw ’em,  I think I’ll live without that one!!!!!!!

Okey Dokey.  I’m off to make my fat cry and get back to work.  Ya’ll know I’m gonna have a huge grand-opening sale.  I DO have the killer app for that now!!!!   🙂

The time has come …

To make a change.   Etsy’s new policies and their “definition” of “Handmade” has stripped them of all integrity.  I have rarely been proud to sell on Etsy, but now I would be ashamed to be associated with them.  That’s big, if I can be shamed by association, because believe me, it takes a lot to make me blink. All in all, it was great.  I opened my shop June 2010, and as of today, made 3518 sales, in a tad over 3 years. I managed to stay high in the relevancy rankings, despite the constant battle of mass produced beads being listed by the 100’s per day.  So, I feel as though I came, conquered, and left with my self-respect.  I expect Etsy to close my shop at any time now, because I have openly stated my feelings on their new policy in my shop announcement and the Etsy Speech Nazi’s will not allow that for long.  This wasn’t a decision I took lightly.  I am very much aware that they are the largest (FRAUDULENTLY MARKETED) “Handmade” market out there.  But that’s just it, they are now, openly, a fraud.  And they have openly, publicly, spit in and slapped the face of every single one of us out there, the artists, crafters, tiny small business owners that drew in their huge number of captive, registered buyers.  Honestly, I almost decided to ignore it, and just play the game.  They are already so flooded with mass-produced, machine made junk, I don’t think I would notice more.  And my customers are smart enough to know the difference between quality, unique items and dime store trash.  Ah, but I didn’t sign up to sell next to all that trash.  Like real estate, your property value is greatly influenced by your neighbors.  So, I have decided to leave.  I have too much respect for my customers, my creations and my self to stay and be happy.

I am currently working on opening a web store.  I have tried a few pages on Facebook, tried a few other sites like Zibbet, etc.  But I have yet to find one that works for me or gives the customer experience that I want you all to have.  I do not want anyone to have to sign-up or register somewhere to buy from me.  Nip that game in the bud from the get go!  Basically, the easy methods are out, because they just don’t offer what I am looking for, and I will no longer settle.  So……..  it may take a bit, but I will soon have my own little spot to share my beads and jewelry with you.  Happy Dance!!!

Overwhelmed And Grateful!

Holy Cow!  Thank you for all of the support!  I didn’t expect so many of you to reach out and I am really and truly grateful! 

It’s No Coincidence

I’m being stalked.  I did a little experiment this morning, and I can no longer attribute some things to “chance” or “coincidence”.  Anyway, I am tired of the BS.  I have researched this extensively, and some advice says to ignore it, and some say to expose it. And over the past few months, I have tried a little of both. First, I want to thank my peeps on the forum this morning for helping me with my “experiment”.  To clarify this, for those who weren’t involved,  “A cyber stalker may choose to live vicariously through the victim by stealing content, parroting actions, or mimicking behaviors.”   Let me tell you, publicly, that I feel sorry for you.  I have tried to be nice, and at one time, I tried really hard to help you, in any way I could. My patience and the last shred of my kindness vanished this morning.  There is not much I can do about your behavior, because it’s not threatening, just annoying.  And being that you live in a different country, it’s difficult to pursue legal action. I feel as though the only option I have left is to be endlessly annoyed.      OR    Unleash the Jackass!  So, while you are stalking my listings and playing your games, please know that I am learning as much as possible about German laws.  Tax laws in particular.  I have learned lots about VAT,  Trade tax, etc.  Very interesting stuff.  For me, I’m done playing games.  I will no do silly things to retaliate, and I will no longer ignore your harassment, I will put my attention in a direction that will have the most effect. 


Happy 4th of July Week!

Hey There!  First, I gotta tell ya, I feel so much better!  It’s amazing what a little Iron in your blood can do for you, lol!  And I’m gonna be a good girl and follow up on the issue.  I have an MRI scheduled this week, and I’ll see what the Doc’s have to say about the “situation” after that.  I’m sure glad I had the iron infusion, ‘cuz last week would have killed me without it!!!  Between the grooming and the beads, it has been crazy!!!  Ya’ll wiped my Etsy shop OUT!!!!!!  Crazy bead fiends, lol.  You know who you are……   And, I did a few private bead parties, so I have been cleaned out.  I want to put it out there that I’m gonna have a sale very soon.  A great big silver bead clearance.  And I do mean clearance.  It’s time to make way for new inventory.  I got some gorgeous Sterling and 18k beads in.  And they are affordable, btw!!!  And the 18k is real, not plated on there.  There isn’t a lot, just accents, but it’s real gold and will be a part of the bead forever.  I have always wondered why anyone would plate a dot????  Really???  So, there won’t be a lot of listings going up this week, I’m doing inventory and getting ready for the sale.  And today I’m going to the beach, woo hoo!!!!  I hope everyone has  a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!!!

No, I’m not a Vampire! I’m just Anemic!

Ok, so, lately I have been very tired. And I keep thinking I look a bit pale. And I I have been suffering from CRS (can’t remember shit). So I had my labs done last Tuesday and my Doctor called me. He said “You’re the walking dead Leigh Anne. Your iron is a 3.” Normal levels for a woman are between 36 and 75-100. Well, that explains a lot! So, I’m going in Tuesday for an iron infusion. This isn’t my first one, I get them about every 2 years. But this is the lowest my levels have ever been. Last time I was an 11. I think now, though, I have decided to follow through with advice I’ve been given for years and have a little “female”surgery to try and ward this off in the future. For years I have tried to wait, thinking that I will go into menopause and this will take care of itself. I am telling everyone this in the hopes that I can help other people. Low iron/ferritin levels are often over-looked and diagnosed as other things. The major symptoms are fatigue, cold hands/feet, confusion, heart palpitations, pale complexion. Many people are diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrom), or as being depressed and put on high powered anti-depressants. Even when diagnosed correctly, a lot of doctors will just put you on oral iron supplements, which are very hard on your body and can take up to a year to bring your levels to a normal place. If you think you may be anemic, get a blood panel done. And if you are, insist on seeing a Hematologist, and having an IV Infusion. They’re not fun, it’s an all day process hooked up to a bag, but they work. Women are particularly susceptible to being anemic, as well as vegetarians. It’s overlooked so often, when in my opinion, it should be the first thing considered. So, by this time next weekend, I will be feeling like a new person!!! And when that happens, my resolve to have a partial hysterectomy usually goes away and I’ll say “Ok, I’ll just wait, I’ll go into menopause eventually and it will take care of itself”, lol. Hmmm, we’ll see.

Wow, Summer is Here!!!

Time sure does fly!  My neighborhood pools are open, it’s 85 degrees out and summer has arrived, as far as I can tell.  I am making a few changes this summer, for my sanity.  I have only been torching for a little over 2 years.  The 2 year anniversary for my Etsy store is about 2 weeks away. The last 2 summers I seem to have missed being out in the sun.  Something that I LOVE.  So, I am determined to not let that happen again this year.  I have decided to stop taking custom orders for a while, because I am limiting my torch time to evenings after work, a few days a week.  I’m also spending time on other jewelry related adventures, like wax carving.  I’m going to cast some original pieces when I go to D.C. in a few weeks.  I’m so excited!  I’ll have some unique and original foundations for my glass before too long.  Anyway, if there is something you like in my shop, grab it!!  I will most likely make it again, but I have no idea when.  I’ll start doing requests again in the fall.I hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend.  I have some hilarious video of my dogs playing in the water hose, but I can’t figure out how to get it off my Android.  It keeps telling me it’s to big to e-mail.  I’ll figure it out and post it soon.  My Poodle should have been a Circus dog!!!  That’s all for now….I’m heading out into the Sunshine!!!!!

WooHooo! I am a Happy Girl!!!!

I have dabbled in silver a bit, but now I’m gonna really be able to make some neat stuff!!! I have somehow managed to persuade Dave of Revonav, to “school” me. Bless his heart, lol! I’m going to his studio in DC next month. I am so full of ideas and excitement I can hardly contain myself!!! If you haven’t seen his work, please check it out, here’s a link to his Etsy shop:
He makes Fabulously beautiful things! He made me 2 wonderful CF4L charms!! Ok, so see why I’m a happy girl!!!! I can’t wait to incorporate my glass into some really sweet rings, charms and pendants. June can’t get here fast enough!